TTC Timeline

The wild rumpus began a long time ago when we started trying to conceive. Here are the gory details.

*Chapter One: The early days*
Feb 02 hospitalized for ruptured 5.9cm ovarian cysts. started BCP
Feb 05 LEEP for dysplasia/recurring abnormal paps
Aug 08 wedding bells ring
Aug 09 desperately want to start TTC. waiting to get good medical insurance
*Chapter Two: The crappy OBGYN*
Dec 09 off BCP, TTC
Dec 09-Apr 10 anovulation
May 10 diagnosed with PCOS
June 10 started metformin (2000 mg)
Sept 10 50 mg of clomid, late response
*Chapter Three: Uterus and sperm panic*
Oct 10 switched OBGYNs to Dr. Lovely
Oct/Nov 10 100 mg of clomid, ovidrel, timed intercourse, progesterone, BFN
Nov 10 14mm cyst on right ovary, clomid cycle #3 canceled
Nov/Dec 10 two SAs reveal that DH has no moving sperm. referred to urologist. panic ensues.
Dec 10 urologist’s SA indicates all is normal. happy, but WTF. HSG reveals tubes are clear but I have a bicornuate or septate uterus.
*Chapter Four: IUIs*
Jan 11 100mg clomid, ovidrel, IUI, progesteroneBFN.
Feb 11 laparoscopy/hysteroscopy indicate a perfectly normal uterus and removed some mild endometriosis. 20 day Metformin-only cycle (I ovulated all on my own!)
Mar 11 took a vacation! still didn’t get pregnant! 31 day cycle, Metformin only
Mar/Apr 11 100 mg clomid, ovidrel, IUI, progesterone, BFN
Apr 11 IUI #3 cancelled. 24 mm cyst on left ovary. Start Wellbutrin. 17 day Metformin cycle
*Chapter Five: IVF*
May 11 enjoying a break. Meet with RE and decide against IUI w/injectables (25% success rate). Going for IVF (75% success rate). 28 day Metformin cycle
June/July 11 IVF #1 – 8 eggs at retrieval, only one embryo, transferred at 6 cells on day 3. BFN. RE thinks fertilization can be fixed by altering stims and ICSI-ing all eggs.
Aug/Sept 11 IVF #2 – 17 eggs at retrieval, 14 mature, 10 fertilized with ICSI, all 10 still dividing on day 3. Transferred 1 blast and one early blast on day 5, froze one hatching blast.
BFP! Positive HPT at 6dp5dt. Beta at 10dp5dt is 135. Beta at 12dp5dt is 305.
*Chapter Six: Pregnancy!*
Oct 11 Ultrasound at 5w6d shows a singleton uterine pregnancy with a visible heartbeat.
Ultrasound at 7w6d shows a baby with head, arm/leg buds, and a visible AND audible heartbeat! Released to OB and cleared to announce the pregnancy : )
Dec 11: Ultrasound at 17w1d — IT’S A BOY!!
May 12: Baby Alexander born at 37 weeks via scheduled c-section. Despite IUGR, he was 6lb 3oz, 19 in, perfect, healthy, and handsome!

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