Halfway there, Oreo tantrums, emotional bank account

Last week I hit 20 weeks. We had an ultrasound and baby appeared very healthy. He has all of his parts, had fluid in the bladder and the stomach, indicating that he is swallowing amniotic fluid and his kidneys are functioning properly. I saw his brain and the four chambers of the heart – and […]

On the first year. (or the first 11 months and one week)

There was a bump on my belly. And then, there was a baby in my arms. There was a hospital stay. Hushed whispers of amazement. Two shell-shocked parents afraid to sleep, certain that this dream would be stolen in the night. There was exhaustion. Waking, startled, to the almost silent sound of a pacifier escaping […]

Dreams fulfilled

I remember being pregnant and writing this post. Almost exactly one year ago!  I remember getting teary-eyed thinking about all of the magical moments that awaited me in the coming days, months, and years. At 5:55 this morning, this happened. It was as heartwarming, amusing, and adorable as I ever dreamed it would be. Being […]