Eighteen Months!

Alexander is 18 months old today! We go next week to find out height and weight. He has been doing so well and is developing one heck of a personality. He is quite a handful at times because he knows what he wants and he wants it NOW. There is very little sitting on the couch […]

Fifteen months

My little peanut is 15 months old. He is 22lb, 1oz (40th percentile) and 30 inches tall (5th percentile – up from the 2nd at 12 months – whoo hoo!) He is also basically freaking amazing. He makes me laugh all the time and is becoming the most independent, bullheaded, outgoing little person. Here is […]

On the first year. (or the first 11 months and one week)

There was a bump on my belly. And then, there was a baby in my arms. There was a hospital stay. Hushed whispers of amazement. Two shell-shocked parents afraid to sleep, certain that this dream would be stolen in the night. There was exhaustion. Waking, startled, to the almost silent sound of a pacifier escaping […]