Four Months

Dear Augustus- Augustus James, you are four months old and I completely adore you. I can not get enough of your sweet chubby cheeks and your beautiful laugh. You are the best baby in the world. You’ve learned a lot this month. You just started rolling from back to front, so now you can wiggle […]

Three months

Dear Augustus- Today you are three months old. In the past month, you have become more interactive. You talk to us a lot, in sweet happy baby cooing noises. You notice when we enter a room and smile SO big, it makes us melt. You adore your mom, dad, big brother, and dogs, gazing on […]

Two years!

Dear Alexander- The last time I wrote to you was a short while before your baby brother was born. Boy have things changed since then! You turned two this month. You are delightful. You are silly, sweet, loving, as well as independent, stubborn, and fierce. You challenge me and reward me every day of my […]

Two Months

Dear Augustus- Oh, Auggie. What to say about the past month? It has gone by in the blink of an eye. For about a week, you kind of forgot how to sleep at night, and it made me go a tiny bit crazy, but things are back on track now. Sleep is something I get […]