Four Months

Dear Augustus-

Augustus James, you are four months old and I completely adore you. I can not get enough of your sweet chubby cheeks and your beautiful laugh. You are the best baby in the world.

You’ve learned a lot this month. You just started rolling from back to front, so now you can wiggle all over the floor. Sometimes you can get your knees up under you when you’re on your tummy, which means crawling is not far off. I’m not ready for that!

You weigh 15 pounds and you are 26 inches long. Your yucky tear duct finally cleared up, which is great. You love to chew on your fists and blow little spit bubbles and sing little nonsense songs. This month we did a lot of fun stuff, including a trip to the lake for the weekend. You are a really easy baby who just looks around and takes it all in and is happy 90% of the time.

Sleep has been really bad…really, really bad, but we are getting that on track with some sleep training this weekend. You’re doing great at daycare.

I love this age and I love your sweet personality that shines through. I know in the next few months we’re looking at crawling, teeth, solids, and sitting up, and I’m excited about all of it. But for now I am really enjoying your squishy, sweet, chubby babyness.



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