Three months

Dear Augustus-

Today you are three months old. In the past month, you have become more interactive. You talk to us a lot, in sweet happy baby cooing noises. You notice when we enter a room and smile SO big, it makes us melt. You adore your mom, dad, big brother, and dogs, gazing on in awe when any of us are around. Recently you have been batting at toys and will hold them when we place them in your hand.

You went through a weird thing a couple of weeks ago where you were very clingy and fussy, only wanted to be held, and would only sleep in my arms. For at least two weeks, I went to bed at 7:30 every night so you could sleep next to me in my bed. It was mildly frustrating because I wanted a little time to myself, but I also enjoyed lying there in the dark, with your sweet body next to mine, me reading my Kindle, you snoozing away.

Now, you sleep in your pack n play for the first couple of hours of the night, and then come to sleep with me. I keep telling myself I’m going to get serious about making you sleep in your own bed, but every night I kind of want you next to me. There’s plenty of time for you to be a big boy, I think. For now I’m enjoying the snuggles.

I went back to work last week and it was a big transition for us all. Your first day at daycare you only ate 4oz all day, which worried me, but by the end of the week you were downing 12oz like a champ. You’ve also learned to take naps without the swing, which is huge. You’ve started holding your neck steady when we pick you up, and you bear weight on your legs. You roll over belly to back and are acting like you want to roll the other way, too.

I’m proud of you, Augustus. You are a sweet baby, I love to show you off. You get fussy sometimes when you are gassy or tired or just want someone to hold you, but for the most part you are a happy boy these days. I’m looking forward to having you with us as we enjoy the summer ahead of us.



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