Two years!

Dear Alexander-

The last time I wrote to you was a short while before your baby brother was born. Boy have things changed since then!

You turned two this month. You are delightful. You are silly, sweet, loving, as well as independent, stubborn, and fierce. You challenge me and reward me every day of my life. I have spent the past twelve weeks at home with you while on maternity leave with your brother, and these weeks have brought us memories I will cherish my entire life. The first part was very difficult as you adjusted to not being an only child anymore, and I adjusted to being a mother of two. But once we got through that, we have become very good buddies. I have loved having you around, hanging out with me every day.

You are a happy, well-adjusted kid. You talk a lot. You have so many words I wouldn’t even want to count them, and you learn more every day. You mimic us perfectly. You have about a thousand inflections for the word “mama”: loving, awestruck, reproachful, inquisitive, and many more. You sometimes stop playing just to give me a kiss. You love choo choo trains, going down the slide by yourself, Daniel Tiger, fruit snacks, your new big boy bed with the dinosaur sheets that say “rawr”, books, going for walks in the stroller, bubbles, dandelions, chocolate, and dancing. You have the funniest facial expressions and the sweetest heart. You are a caring big brother who loves to show off his baby to anyone and everyone.

We had a birthday party for you, music themed. Your whole family came, and everyone loves you so much. You make me so proud! I just can’t explain to you how much I am enjoying this age and how much I love you.

It blows my mind that we’ve spent the past two years together, the two best years of my life, and you likely won’t have any memories of them. But I will do the remembering for you, or at least I’ll try. I never want to forget how cute you are right now with your flippy hair, silly mispronounced words (strawkey for strawberry, wacker for water), and unconditional love for your mama. You are my sunshine.




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