Two Months

Dear Augustus-

Oh, Auggie. What to say about the past month? It has gone by in the blink of an eye. For about a week, you kind of forgot how to sleep at night, and it made me go a tiny bit crazy, but things are back on track now. Sleep is something I get very stressed out about, and I wish I could be cooler about it. Right now you sleep in your bassinet most of the night and then come to bed with me around 3am. I am torn between trying to encourage you to learn to sleep more on your own, and just enjoying the snuggles. Your baby only cuddles up to you in bed for a brief window of time, as I have learned.

Anyway, this month you have become a little more interactive. You’ve been making eye contact, smiling a LOT, and talking baby gibberish, which I love. Your smile is just about the best thing in the world! And I swear you have chuckled a few times, too.

This past week, your dad and I took you out of town for a few days while your brother stayed at grandma’s. It was really nice to be able to spend one-on-one time with you. You were a trooper. I even took you to see a movie!

Alex loves you a lot and always asks me to put you next to him on the couch. He introduces you to everyone we see in stores, etc. If anyone says hi to him, he immediately says hi back and then “baby!” and points you out to them.

You are an extremely sweet boy and I’m really savoring the next few weeks before I go back to work.




One thought on “Two Months

  1. That is so nice that you got to take him away with you for those few days and have that special time with just him 🙂 And a movie too!! Glad his sleep is getting back on track again. Sleep is good!

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